Location: Underway to Terengganu

We watched the sunrise just before breakfast at anchor at Tioman this morning before hauling anchor and setting sail for Terengganu. With all hands on deck, we made quick work of raising the main and two staysails. After lunch, we had an OCE lecture on fisheries and aquaculture, culminating in some simulations demonstrating how commercial fishing practices result in high amounts of bycatch. The shipmates designated as ‘fishermen’ had the pleasure of throwing a plush fish toy at their fellow shipmates to try to ‘catch’ them. However, their lines were indiscriminate, catching not only tuna but also sharks, sea turtles, and dolphins. Next up, we had another PSCT course followed by deck showers under the sun and blue sky. Shannon and Max prepared a delicious Mexican casserole for dinner, where the squeeze question of the day asked everyone to describe the person to their left using a song title. Finally, the PSCTers had their 2nd exam covering Maritime Law as we sailed on through the night.