Location: 21 25.57' N 042 31.9' W

Life on passage is slow. Our days are filled with structure, yet each one brings new and exciting revelations. This morning was sluggishly accompanied by the warm sun and the cool misting of the clouds. Lunch was a delightful Alfredo pasta dish. Seemingly everyone enjoyed it, although we cannot remember the last time there was a day without pasta. Following meal time was class. In Marine bio, we learned of the elusive creatures who lurk in the deep dark sea. Then seamanship, where we continued our quest to understand the intricacies of charting. The salon was filled with thick hot air due to the poor function of the AC unit. Despite its inability to pump cold air, it generates a deafening buzz making it a task to hear lectures. Today’s main event was Sav’s 21st birthday which was celebrated via a juice box toast and fresh-baked cookies. A huge shout-out to Clara for being our resident baking wizard.
Now I shall enlighten you all regarding our sixth sail, The fisherman or fish for short (Pronounced “fush” as in Fush and chups by fake kiwi Calum). A sail watch team one knows a little too well. Team one made Vela 2021 history by being the first this semester to raise the dreadful sail. The winch pulls up the sheet with a shrill squeak. The sheet is attached to the clew. The fish makes me anything but blue (no sarcasm whatsoever). While the debate continues as to whether the fisherman does anything to our speed, we go through the sheer joy of raising and lowering the canvas. The feel of Dacron and braid through our fingers. Our hands harden with salt and monotonous dishy pit activities. The most enjoyable part in the life of the fish is stowing and lashing at the foot of the foremast by a well-placed kick from yours truly: skipper of the day Arden Mcpower (a name I did not choose, rather one that was given to me by our captain Freddie). A hearty slap from Celia as she cries, “that’ll do!” Our job is finished.

Sending my love to the fam. Talk to you all soon. xoxo

Photo 1 Declan analyzing microscopic plankton
Photo 2 Safe Sailing practices Tyler and Bubba ( Sorry Freddie)
Photo 3 The antithesis of chart work ( Henry, Charlie, and a fragment of Clara)