Location: Underway to Richards Bay, South Africa

Dear friends and family of Argo crew,
I am writing because I want to let you know that we are all still safe and because Alex won’t let me go to sleep until I do. Today in the early hours of the morning, watch teams 4 and 1 caught a Mahi Mahi, which attempted to eat the bait strung up behind the ship. Because fish are food, not friends, we put it into our lunch of butter pasta after staff Cooper and Mimi dissected it open on deck. I’m sure some of you may be worried about the danger that we face, especially after yesterday’s blog post concerning the very rough conditions. However, on Argo, we prioritize safety. In the second picture, Ethan can be seen practicing good ear protection from the loud engine room. In the third, Char can be seen practicing good eye protection from the sun.
We ended the day with barbecue chicken and delicious oatmeal cookies (for the second night in a row) courtesy of Rebeca and Sofia. We talked about what we wanted to do later on in life to replicate the experience and cleaned up after dinner. If we make good time, we should make it to Richard’s Bay on the 19th. If we don’t, we may be stuck at sea for several nasty days afterward. Here’s hoping we make a good time.

Dear mom and dad,
I am doing alright! I think I have gained weight. Here is a picture of me so you can see (average-sized female Mahi Mahi for scale). Please tell my brother I miss him and my sister to treat my stuff as if I was still there watching it.
-Tucker Hale

Coordinates: 02734.76’S 03832.20’E