Location: Underway to Richards Bay, South Africa

To whom this may concern,

We are still out here on the Indian Ocean. My beard is growing longer, and the water is getting colder.

Today was a fantastic day filled with sleeping, class, and eating way too much. The ramen boys got into their usual business and destroyed some ramen while watching the waves slap the side of the ship. Chocolate was passed around, and brownies were made. We had a Marine Biology and Oceanography class, which was just absolutely incredible. Tina cooked some delicious soup for lunch and some lamb and risotto for dinner; both were excellent.

The majority of the day has been filled with excitement regarding the fact that we are arriving at our final country, South Africa, tomorrow. Australia to South Africa is pretty wild, but we doin it.

Other than that, same old. Some of the guys (Ruben, Aiden, Ethan, and I) are planning on staying on deck for the next 18 hours until we reach land. It might be difficult, but we are incredible human beings with fantastic talents.

Mom, Dad, Wes, love you guys. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, so I don’t know what to say here. Have a nice day.

Coordinates: 02810.84’S 03442.20’E