Location: Richards Bay

Hi Family, Friends, and other interested Blog Readers!

We’ve arrived safely in Richard’s Bay, South Africa!

We started our day with our normal watch shifts as we motor-sailed across the Agulhas current towards our current port just ahead of a gnarly wind change that would’ve delayed our entry into port for another day or so. Happy to arrive, we excitedly woke up all the watch teams for lunch before beginning the task of lowering sails and entering into Richard’s bay. As we got closer and closer to land, many of us started to receive cellphone service again, and most (hopefully all) of us have checked in with loved ones at home. Following lunch, our next task was to dock. Fenders covered the deck, and lines were flaked, and at the ready, while Cooper took a team to catch lines onshore, many of us waited, ready to toss lines and place fenders to secure us to the dock. After securing ourselves to the dock, we enjoyed some much-needed downtime to call home, read a book, journal, nap, and play cards before our chefs began dinner and some brownies with cookies on top for dessert. Following dinner, we had our traditional squeeze with our appreciation and a fun fact about ourselves.
Each number corresponds to our count-off number (used to make sure everyone is there for announcements) along with their Hometown and a fun fact!

1. Ian- Newton. Massachusetts, USA; Has crashed an ambulance (everyone was okay)
2. Tim- Suffolk, England; was offered a job as a crocodile wrangler
3. Smash- Somers Point, New Jersey, USA; Rollerblades in full knee, elbow, and wrist pads because you never know when you’ll fall
4. Tina- New York, USA; is a classically trained violist
5. Alex- Hertford, England; Has a pet llama
6. Mimi- Oslo, Norway; used to have a pet parrot that was trained to attack people
7. Cooper- Seattle, Washington; went to Super Bowl 48, where Seattle beat Denver.
8. Tighe- Minnesota (pretty much Canada) the USA; hated sailing when he first started at like age 8
9. Falk, Hamburg, Germany; can play the piano blindfolded
10. Sam O. Sherman Oaks, California, USA; attending Worster Poly Tech in the fall.
11. Jay; Pawcatuck, Connecticut, USA; likes sailing
12. Hans; Tokoyo, Japan, once ordered 158 dishes with five friends at a restaurant
13. Jack; Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA; has seen his favorite music artist 50+ times
14. Hudson- Aspen, Colorado, USA; has owned over five hermit crabs in her lifetime
15. Kylie- Durham, Connecticut, USA; can play the recorder with her nose
16. Kira- New York, New York, USA; will have traveled to all seven continents by 2020
17. Emily- Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA; is a marine biology and zoology major
18. Luna- Hamburg, Germany; is a 1st KYO in karate
19. Julia- Long Island, New York, USA; Climbed a light pole in the Boston Common when the Pats won the super bowl but is not a Patriots fan
20. Sofia- Bogota, Colombia; loves scuba diving
21. Maggie- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; can drive a stick shift car and tractor
22. Emma- Massachusetts; has two really cute dogs
23. Char- Seattle, Washington, USA; Her eyes are four different colors, and she is a master Christmas present wrapper.
24. Izzy- West Hartford, Connecticut; USA is an Irish Citizen
25. Rebecca- Bogota, Colombia; loves to dance
26. Aiden- Keene Valley, New York, USA, very tall and enjoys climbing
27. Ruben- Bloemendaal, The Netherlands; Played cello for ten years
28. Sam P.- Sherman, Oaks, CA, He’s the kid on the razor scooter box
29. Tucker- Las Angles, California, USA is a Beekeeper
30. Alan- Mexico City, Mexico; plays guitar
31. Ethan-Hermosa Beach, California, USA; has toured a c*** ton of colleges because his mom’s a college Advisor

Ps. Hi mom, Memom, Uncle Tom and other family! See you all soon!