Location: The Bight, Norman Island, BVI

Today was such a busy, but fun, day! We spent the morning sailing from Peter Island to Norman Island, which was my favorite sail yet because we got our sixth sail, the fisherman sail, up for the first time on the entire trip. I found it really cool learning how to raise it and drop it but, most of all, seeing it in action! We got five of our six sails up, so hopefully, we’ll be able to get all six up tomorrow!

After we arrived at Norman Island, we had lunch and did some snorkeling around a few really cool caves. After we got back from our snorkel, the rescue students had their final scenario, and after successfully passing it, they are now rescue diver certified! We then did a quick motor around the corner to the Bight

After such a long day, it was so nice to have some good ol’ spaghetti. However, a sudden surge of excitement came over us when we learned of the possibility of the Deliverance boat coming by and us being able to get some ice cream (something never get to have on board!). This was by far the best part of dinner!

We’ll all sleep well tonight, and look forward to another day of sailing tomorrow!