Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island, BVI

With the Nav Master exams finally finished, the crew decided to celebrate one last holiday together. We strung lights, blasted Christmas carols, and Smudge, and Marina cooked a giant Christmas dinner complete with pork tenderloins, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, and gingerbread cookies! Christmas cheer is infectious on Ocean Star this year. Steph even suggested taking the dinghies out to carol to the other boats in the harbor. Everyone is eager to sing with school, finally winding down. The crew has been hard at work getting ready for their finals and turning in their last papers, but hard work is beginning to pay off. We had our second rescue diver scenario today, where we saved a non-breathing unresponsive diver on the surface. We have made giant strides in improving our efficiency and speed as a team, and according to Marina, today’s scenario was in much better shape than the last one. At this rate, it will only take about two more scenarios until we are official rescue divers! Besides that, we have one last exam tomorrow, which we will be reviewing for tonight. To top off our Christmas at sea, we will end the night by watching “Elf.” The crew is enjoying their last couple of days together before we head on home, and as sad as we all are to leave, I know everyone was feeling excited to see their families for the coming holidays. Only five more days, friends & fam! And on behalf of the Ocean Star crew, “Merry Christmas!”