Location: Grenada to Carriacou

We had a wonderful day full of sailing today aboard Ocean Star. We woke up in Prickly Bay just off of Grenada and prepped the boat for a day of passage. We raised the sails in good time while still at anchor and prepared to head north for the first time this trip! Since this was only a day passage we kept our watches short at just an hour and a half each team. However, it was so lovely out most of us stayed up on deck a majority of the day. We reached our destination, a small island called Carriacou, just as the Caribbean sun was setting. We dropped anchor off of a beautiful small sandy island and had a pasta Bolognese dinner excellently prepared by James and Brooke. Currently the crew of Ocean Star is singing the Star Spangled Banner (to Kris and Nicks chagrin) as clean up hurries along. Tonight everyone has some time to study, shower, and catch up on sleep. Life is fantastic down here; we all send our best back home. Check in soon for more news from OStar as we start our trek north!