Location: Carriacou

This morning started with moving Ocean Star and resetting the anchor. The staff and shipmates on anchor watch moved the boat at 4 am last night, too, after she spun around in the wind and shifty currents. We’ve now found a better spot, and her anchor is firmly dug into a sandy patch. After a quick breakfast (down below due to squalls), we headed to shore to meet our taxi driver, Linky. He took us across the island to Windward to the area where the famous Carriacou sloops are built. All the boats are made of traditional style by hand out of wood. Instead of a single boatyard, the sloops are built in people’s backyards and then launched from there into the water. Dave, a former New Yorker who moved to Carriacou some 30 years ago, gave us a walking tour of the area and explained the culture and process of the boat building. He pointed out his beautiful sloop, New Moon. Unfortunately, there aren’t any sloops currently being built (they are now generally commissioned by foreign yachters rather than being built for local fishermen), but it was still cool to see the styles and how the designs have evolved over the years. After saying goodbye to Dave, Linky drove us around the island and told us some of the histories. We headed to one of the highest points on the island (near the local hospital) and had a look down at the town and at tiny Ocean Star anchored offshore. Carriacou is a pretty laid back island, so on the weekends, the stores and most restaurants are closed. We had lunch at a local beachside restaurant, then hopped in the dinghies to get back to Ocean Star. Most of us spent the afternoon catching up on schoolwork and swimming off the boat. We have two classes tonight, and then more adventures tomorrow.