Location: Carriacou

One of the top reasons for visiting Carriacou is to anchor next to the small sandy island aptly named Sandy Island. Shipmates had been looking forward to spending time playing on the sand and swimming in the turquoise water. Unfortunately, the weather was not on their side, and yesterday brought squalls, grey skies, and murky seas. While this was conducive to getting schoolwork done, the shipmates were gazing out at Sandy Island wistfully yesterday. This morning after Bret and Wills pancake breakfast (including traditional classics like Cocoa Krispies pancakes and rainbow pancakes with Froot Loops added), Nick lectured on cnidarians. Then, instead of picking up the anchor and heading off to Union, we decided to stay and play in the sun. Sandy Island beckoned. With sunscreen, balls, and even laptops, shipmates headed to the beach. Several hours later, they came back with stories of tide pools teeming with lobsters and anemones, naps in the sand, and rousing rugby catch sessions. After dinner this evening, Monika will be teaching another leadership class.

We look forward to clearing out of Grenada tomorrow and heading off to a new land: Mayreau–an island with a population of 300, one of Saint Vincent’s Grenadines, gateway to the Tobago Cays.