Location: Underway to Mauritius

While life on Argo is amazing, and every minute on her can be a new and exciting adventure, everyone at one point and another misses their life at home. Some of us miss hot showers and a nice bed. For some, it’s food, and for almost all, it is the family and friends they left behind. For me it is sports.

Over the last three watches, my only conversations with people have been sports. This all started when I asked the question of whether or not baseball is dying, which led to a two-hour conversation at midnight about how the
MLB needs to do a better job with creating personalities and characters for players on and off the field. Another conversation was how the Kardashians could take over the NBA and create a Kardashian ex- super team (Lamar Odem, Blake Griffin, Seth Curry, Trishten Thompson, and Ben Simmons). Finally, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the Dallas Cowboys. My first time missing home was getting wifi and receiving texts from my parents that they won big against the Eagles. Also, just minutes before writing this, it was announced to the Brits that England had made it to the Rugby World Cup Final, which led to as much excitement as people from England can show.

As I go off to bed this Saturday night, I will be thinking of the college games currently playing and how the AP Poll might be shaping up as College Football begins to finish their last games (Go Irish). If you have any way of reaching Argo, please make it your priority to send us game scores. Sorry if you wanted me to write about passage life, but I figure after 11 straight days, I might break it up.

Thank you for listening, fans,

Coordinates: 01727.37’S 06940.99’E