Location: Barbuda

Up bright and early to the sight of pristine white sandy shores and calm blue seas, spirits were high, and the crew was ready to tackle whatever adventures today brought on. A hearty breakfast of yogurt and granola was promptly followed by a physical oceanography quiz. With exams all finished, the crew made for shore and a spot of bird watching. Barbuda is home to a rather large collection of Frigate Birds who, from all accounts, were a buzz of activity, what with it being mating season. Meanwhile, utilizing a rare moment of tranquility back aboard The Star, Kris, and Kevin, busied themselves with boat maintenance, grading papers, and cooking lunch. Post bird watching, the afternoon was spent embracing a multitude of activities. Some studied for an impending Marine Bio exam, others entertained themselves with windsurfing, and the rest soaked up the rays on the beach. Showers and supper are finished. As I sit here writing the 3rd and last installment of my epic novel, I wish you all an early Merry Christmas and a safe reunion with your loved ones. Over and out! Kris