Location: St. Bart's

Today we woke up, a little more tired than usual from a night out that had been extended to 11pm (normally we are back on board by 10:30). Last night was cool because we were able to wander around town and enjoy the local vibe of St. Barths on our own. After a scrumptious breakfast of banana pancakes, we gathered in the salon for an OCB lecture. After class the staff loaded up a rented mini-van with surfboards and took us to a beach on the Atlantic side of the island where huge waves were crashing into the shore. Everyone was playing in the waves, body surfing and splashing about, although the waves were so powerful it took me a few tries (and some serious tumbles, including a bruised hip) to get out far enough to swim. Most of us took turns using the surfboards, although our resident surfers, Colby and Brendan, spent a lot of time catching waves. It was a lot of fun catching waves into shore this afternoon. After our beach “sesh”, we headed back to the boat where we indulged in the luxury of freshwater, shore showers (which none of us will take for granted after this trip). And now we just finished a satisfying dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, tummies happy, we are all ready to relax after class and go to bed.