Location: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Hey everyone, it’s your boy Matty G back again as your skipper. We had an early wake-up for everyone today because we had to be underway to Bequia by 8:30, so I woke up everyone to some soothing Playboi Carti. From the start, it was high energy all around the boat, from the cooks dancing this morning while cooking breakfast to the salties washing up after we ate. After eating some delicious waffles prepared by chef Kennedy, we started to go underway with me as helmsman. We quickly got the sails up with no problems at all. We were finally going to fly Carolyn’s favorite sail, the flying jib! We then sailed for a few more miles until we learned it was time for Jon’s class, which all of us had been anticipating to get the results of our race yesterday. Unfortunately, watch team one, Miranda, Kennedy, Kaiden, Joe, and I did not win the race, but we learned a lot about ourselves and what it really means to be a leader. After reflecting for a bit about our strengths and weaknesses throughout the challenge, Miranda then led our leadership class, speaking on how leaders use both their strengths and weaknesses to lead in the world.

After lunch, we had oceanography in the salon that felt like a million degrees down there. We learned more about the phytoplankton blooms and when and how they can occur. Class ended, and we were all relieved to get some fresh air and get out of the oven we call the salon. A few hours later, we got to Bequia and started our BA ( boat appreciation). We cleaned Ocean Star from head to toe; in teams of 3-4, we tackled every task from scrubbing down the fo’c’sle where Kaiden, Josh, Joe, and Brit live to get the tarps ready for tomorrow. Also, we got new sheets today, which were very much needed after not having clean ones for about a week and a half. We finally ended the day with some nice pork chops and some roasted veggies by Kennedy, which were delicious. That’s a wrap folks! Tune in in 18 days for your next report by the Garfather.

Pictured: Matt and Jon in the cockpit; Kennedy with a beautiful figure 8 coil; Matthew tidying up some line; Nate tailing a line while raising sails; Steffen and Jade helping to raise the mainsail; Eli and Josh at the pin rail; Steffen tidying a coil on deck; Jill putting lemon juice in Steffen’s hair; Jill, Nate, Kaiden, and Matthew during leadership class on deck this morning.