Location: Mayreau, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This morning we started with breakfast underway to Mayreau in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. After arriving, we had a quick fish ID quiz and then a class on seamanship with Carolyn. After lunch, we got ready for our leadership activity. An amazing race challenge course was today’s class. We were divided into our watch teams and given our first task, to follow the compass heading given from the anchor and snorkel to find an underwater bag with our first clue inside. Once we got our bag and snorkeled to the shore, the clue led us up a mountain to a church. It wasn’t long before we all became very confused and ended up going the wrong way. We then quickly found out we needed to go to a beach to find Amanda, who gave us the next one, and a friendly dog decided to join us in our race. After a long run down the beach with our new friend, our next clue had us find Carolyn for a beach cleanup. Then we raced to get back to the dock and onto the boat. It was such a fun way to explore the island and and to work together as a team to solve problems, decipher clues, collect tokens, and figure out riddles. Once our fun yet exhausting challenge course was over, we were able to grab some snacks and walk around on the island for a bit. We then got to enjoy the beautiful sunset while getting ready for dinner. Our long day ended with pizza!

Pictured: Enjoying breakfast in the cockpit underway to Mayreau; Steffen, Eli, and Josh collecting trash to complete the challenge course; Ridge, Matthew, Nate, Jade, and Brit (Watch Team 3 selfie); Watch Team 3 looking exhausted but happy at the end of the course; gorgeous sunset views; Josh, Joseph, and Brit having a deckie dance party during cleanup.