Location: Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands

Today we awoke to homemade biscuits and light rain. After our incredible breakfast, we dinghied ashore and climbed into our tour van. It was a green and white van that looked like it was straight out of 1979. We drove through Mindelo and out to the countryside of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde Islands. The first place we went was Sao Pedro, a small town to the south of Mindelo. We walked the sandy beach before we climbed back into the van to drive to the top of the island. We drove up the rickety cobble-stoned road, passing locals with donkeys along the way. Near the top, we piled out to walk up a ways in order to get a better view. The fog started to roll in, so we rolled out. We drove down the mountain and out to another beach. We walked out to the end of the cement pier and took a well-deserved swim off the pier. We splashed about in the water for a while, playing Marco Polo and looking at nearby tide pools. After we left the beach, we visited a few more towns before we came back to Mindelo. Cape Verde is gorgeous, with green hills and colorful cement houses lining the beaches. We had a little shore time before heading back to Argo and a delicious dinner followed by an exciting Oceanography class.