Location: Villefranche, France

Day 37,

Today we awoke at 7 am to wonderful chocolate croissants with extra Nutella and 21st birthday celebrations for Nazz! From there, the 22 of us split into four separate groups to take our Navmaster exams and continue our Boat Appreciation Tasks for our beloved schooner. We rust-busted the deck, scrubbed the deck, organized the Laz on the deck, took a music break on the deck, and even had some time to swim and then cool off…on the deck.

After the two-hour exam and two-hour cleaning session ended, groups were able to go back ashore and explore. Some went to Nice, some ran to Monaco (Henry), and others chose to stay closer to home to explore the lovely Villefranche. It was another hot day, so many salty sailors even chose to return to the sea and float in one of Villefranche’s beautiful beaches; after some lunch, shopping, and gelato, of course. Some returned to Argo with new dresses, some with gifts for home, others with 7 foot long floaties. The afternoon continued in a floatie chain, practicing new flips off of the bowsprit, and jamming to the hottest summer hits of 2015 (someone sends us wifi).

The evening ended with a wonderful meal from Griffin’s House of Chicken and Tofu, and a sentimental squeeze. It is only beginning to set in that our days together are now numbered. This period of reflection was continued by the introduction of Appreciation Cards, personalized letters written to each of our fellow crew-members. We are about to start a movie, so I must go, but I can assure you all is still well here on Argo.

Warmest Regards,

*with emotional and grammatical support brought to you by DP

It’s Dylan’s Big Birthday Blowout in Monaco tomorrow, so stay tuned.