Location: Monaco

Today was a great day! We woke up to an assortment of French pastries for breakfast. Everyone gathered in the cockpit with conversations flowing from what they were going to wear to Monaco for the day and how they were going to bring their “Argo Best.” Once breakfast got cleaned up, and Argo got back to her shipshape, the shipmates went down below and started getting ready. Once returning on deck, everyone transformed into their fanciest selves–hair was brushed, perfume was sprayed, and new, clean outfits were displayed. We all hopped on the train to Monaco and soon arrived at the Monte Carlo.

Everyone had free time to explore the small country and enjoy the expensive shops, restaurants, and people watching. Groups broke off from one another and visited the Oceanographic Museum, the Race Car Museum, cathedrals, castles, and the yacht harbor. There were definitely some expensive yachts in the marina, but everyone agreed Argo still topped all of them. After the day of exploring, the group met back at the train station, and we made sure everyone was accounted for before heading back to Villefranche Sur Mer. We almost missed the train back because we were standing on the wrong section of the platform, so all 24 of us hustled and managed to squeeze into the train. We all got a good laugh at one stop on the way back when an older French lady was trying to exit the train, and Shelby couldn’t find the button to open the door and accidentally pulled the emergency exit handle. According to the birthday boy Dylan, it was definitely a highlight of the day watching Shelby “hulk pull” open the door, so this lady could get out.

Once returning to Argo, everyone showered and played in the water while Tina finished up dinner. We sat and ate steak and ravioli for dinner and concluded the night with the squeeze. We reflected on the funniest moments of the trip and had a good laugh before singing happy birthday to Dylan.

That’s all for now!

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