Location: Gili Air, Indonesia

Today’s day started with an amazing view of the Gili Islands and Lombok. After a quick (b)oatmeal, everyone was highly excited for the shore time to which we have been looking forward to for a couple of days. Mimi has made a hand-drawn guide for us, which was filled with restaurant and caf recommendations. Since we ran out of fruit about five days ago, the majority of us gathered in a sweet caf to enjoy some fresh and cold smoothie bowls. This was followed by a mixture of local and fast food for lunch. The huge amount of different choices this small island offered us left nobody hungry. Especially after some time on Argo, we are beginning to be grateful for the small things. Snacks and cold beverages increase in value with every day that passes. Next to Snack-King Ruben, almost everybody stacked on some more Sweets to cover the long hours between lunch and dinner.

Besides the food marathon we went through, Gili Air offered us a perfect day ashore. With all the small streets full of flowers and horse carriages, everybody immediately fell in love with this island. Strolling around, we discovered a beautiful mosque and a lot of pretty beaches next to even more restaurants.

After a great few hours ashore and a couple of lunches later, we returned to Argo with a friend of Mimi’s from the local shark conservation center. She gave us a detailed overview of their work with the ocean and its inhabitants on the Gili Islands.
Some of us used our free time before dinner to collect data for the oceanography group projector to catch up on some homework. After jump-in showers, today’s chefs cooked us a fantastic dinner of rice, spinach, and chicken.

We are now drifting off in our food coma and are extremely excited for the next days, weeks, and months to come.

All the best, Luna