Location: Underway to Gili Air

Back to being underway! We are underway to Gili Air and expect to arrive sometime in the early morning. It was good to get back into the groove of things, whether it be getting back to group watches or wearing our PFD’s. Although today was slightly uneventful compared to our time in Komodo, everyone was definitely excited to be moving again onto our next adventure.

After lunch, we settled into the salon for class. Just as we thought the class was about to begin, we had our first man overboard drill. I was impressed with how swift, calm, and efficient our group was to get above deck and get going on what we needed to do. We learned the importance of protocol drills and the importance of drilling itself in case of an emergency.

Once we finished the man overboard drills, we had leadership and marine biology. Today was one of my favorite days of class so far. In leadership, we discussed what it means to be a part of a successful team and our goals here on Argo as a crew. In marine biology, we did our first practical where we used lentils in the place of fish to practice collecting and keeping track of data. Tina gave us a quote today in Leadership class that was “everything in life is either an ordeal or an adventure,” and it’s up to you which one you choose. This is a quote that stuck with me, especially as it pertains to my time here on Argo.

After class, we showered and began preparations for dinner. Today was easily one of the top five sunsets on Argo. There’s nothing quite like the burning orange sun pouring into the open ocean with all sorts of beautiful pinks and blues in its wake. To top it off, we saw a pod of spinner dolphins swimming on our bow. The sight of dolphins swimming on our bow into the sunset is a sight I’m sure I’ll never forget.

One of the coolest things, though, is how close all of us have become and continue to get. I truly feel so blessed to have ended up with such a cool group of human beings between the staff and peers I have here on Argo. As cold deck showers, pumping heads, and warm drinking water have become second nature now, it’s awesome to see how we’ve so easily adapted to a minimalist lifestyle. All you really need is a cup of instant coffee, and you’re ready to take on the next adventure!

I miss my family and pets very much, but I can’t wait to share all of my adventures, stories, and travels with them.

Your Skipper,

Coordinates: 810.06’S 11332.74’E