Location: Underway to Gili Air

An absolutely wild day would soon be underway for the Argo crew as day 14 began. While anchored in a quiet bay in Komodo national park, some great achievements and big adventures were about to take place. At around midday, the air on Argo went from the sound of a quiet breeze to the roar of applause as our open water dive students surfaced from the water and were granted the certification of Open Water Diver. After many hours of classwork, tests, and multiple in-water skills, this certification was well deserved among all of them. The day then continued with some well-deserved free time, which was used to relax, swim off the boat, play some frisbee, and rest up for the voyage ahead.

While in the water in the afternoon, the excitement of discovery was brewing within the students. While snorkeling today, a group came across an unexpectedly large finding: multiple manta rays grazing for plankton in the shallow waters surrounding Argo. Finding these docile beasts in the wild is always a breathtaking experience, and today was no different. With a wingspan of over three meters, these mantas are definitely an animal to respect and be in awe of.
Carrying on with our day, the crew sprung into action as we got Argo ready for the next day’s passage that would begin that night. Dive gear was stowed, engines were revved up, and sails were raised as we prepped to go underway to the island of Gili Air. The day was finished off with a lovely and hearty dinner of roasted pork shoulder, potatoes, and vegetable curry, which was a fittingly great start to another incredible passage.

Overall, a great day, with what I am sure will be more to follow

Coordinates: 823.01’S 11921.59’E