Location: Komodo National Park, Indonesia

I think everyone woke up excited today, for the time had come. It was time to meet the Komodo Dragons, the calling card of the national park; we have been exploring for the past couple of days. Directly after stuffing ourselves with the most exotic breakfast possible (cereal with milk), we headed out to Rinca Island. The dragons can only be found wild on Rinca and Komodo Island, so needless to say, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We arrived on the dock by Nopes and Doctor (the small dinghies onboard Argo) and walked towards the Ranger Station. Here we would start our walk. Within the first minute of our tour, we were eye-in-eye with the world’s biggest lizard. We were not allowed to go any closer than 2 meters, but I don’t think anyone was really tempted. We kept on going, and pretty soon, we met even more dragons chilling near the Ranger Station, which allowed everyone to load up on photos. Fortunately, the guides managed to keep everyone at a safe distance.

As if meeting these awesome creatures was not enough for one today, the certified divers stormed through into a world-class Muck Dive. A Muck Dive is a dive with a lot of mud and plants growing on the seafloor, which allows for very specific marine animals to survive. Apparently, this was one of the best muck-diving spots in the world (what else would you expect from Sea|mester), and it definitely lived up to its reputation. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew was finishing up the PADI Tests and getting ready for their last dive as a trainee.

Today was an absolutely amazing and eventful day, and I just know we will get lots more of those.