Location: Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Today started with frittatas that Smash made for breakfast! After that, the Open Water scuba divers had their third open water dive while the certified divers snorkeled. The divers saw all kinds of exciting marine life while underwater, ranging from several hawksbill turtles, giant trevally, and a couple of white tip reef sharks. This dive leaves only one more certifying dive until everyone on board is a certified diver. While snorkeling, we swam all the way to”goat island,” where we went hiking and snorkeled around the island. We then came back to Argo, where we had risotto for lunch. After cleanup, we had a Seamanship class and showers. Then we moved to Kalong island, where we anchored and explored near some mangroves after an impromptu mangrove talk by Mimi and Alex. The day ended while we had dinner and watched the flying fox migration, which is where thousands upon thousands of bats migrate from their caves amongst the mangroves to go feeding. After dinner, we have a marine biology lecture with Mimi.