Location: Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Everyone was off of Argo and in the water today. New divers continued working on their Open Water certification this morning with a confined dive here in Komodo National Park by practicing their skills and becoming more comfortable. After a quick refuel of quesadillas for lunch, they went back out to do an open water dive observing fish, corals, and stingrays while practicing regulating their buoyancy and equalizing their underwater pressure. Meanwhile, certified divers went for their first dives of the trip with the dive company Uber Scuba (it’s almost exactly like our Ubers at home but for scuba diving). They completed three dives today, including one in a space called “Manta Alley,” and if the name doesn’t give it away, they saw tons of Manta Rays. Sea Turtles have been visiting our divers and staff popping up here and there among the reefs, and after dark, the fish start jumping. When we all returned, jump-in showers and dive logging took up our time until dinner. When you live on a boat with 31 people, the only chances for quiet are when everyone can’t talk because they’re too busy enjoying their meal, and tonight’s meal of chicken and mashed potatoes with green beans made the crew here on Argo fall silent (thanks to Cooper and the chef team!). We finished our meal in the usual fashion with our squeeze. Almost everyone appreciated their diving experiences today, but for many different reasons, including accomplishing a new skill, seeing new species, or just enjoying the time in a new place. Our question for tonight was, “What would you do for a day if you did not have to worry about money?” Many people elected to travel; some wanted to purchase fancy cars while other whole islands and some people even wanted to travel to space. After evening clean-up, we’re headed to Oceanography class, then our anchor watch rotation for tonight.

Thanks to all our amazing instructors who put in a lot of extra time to help us have such an amazing day!
Ps. Hi mom, tell everyone I said hello!
Pps. Happy Belated Birthday, Jack!