Location: Bequia

A beautiful rainbow blessed the Seamester crew this morning off the stern of the ship. It was the best sight to wake up to. Today was dedicated to learning about how to survey coral in our studies among the lesser Antilles reefs for next week! Before I begin, we must appreciate the meals that were cooked today. In the morning, we had scrumptious French toast and fresh fruit salad with local fruit. Lunchtime was spiced up with some delicious stir-fry, and dinner was presented with some of the finest chicken we have had all trip. The barbecue chicken thighs and drumsticks were marinated to perfection! Hats off to the chefs today!

In the morning, we learned how to properly survey a reef, identifying marine life in hundred-meter rectangles. It takes a skilled and knowledgeable team of divers to be able to identify fish, invertebrates, and substrates within a confined time slot. First, we learned the Do’s and Don’ts of identification and surveying. In the afternoon, we put our skills to the test and went ashore to do a dry run of the exercise; then, we brought our skills to the water with a practice snorkel run. Later this week, when we are in St. Lucia, we will dive with the Soufriere Marine Management Area staff and complete an official Reef Check dive, using the techniques we used today to collect data on the marine life in the marine protected area.

Today was really a learning day because we also re-attached the mainsail on Ocean Star after it had some repairs done onshore yesterday. All these things require immense teamwork as we operate on the seas like a well-oiled machine. All parts must act in unison, working their hardest to help us run well. Today we showed that it is possible to display teamwork in order to make a change because that is what we came here to do.