Location: St. Vincent

The main event of our day was a relatively short passage, a grand total of eight miles! It was a nice and easy island-hop, but we had a man overboard drill about halfway through. I’m happy to say that our crew knew all of their duties and exactly where to muster, a rather great improvement from the beginning of the trip. Once we got to St. Vincent, we had a short Boat Appreciation session, and then after a delicious dinner of Sloppy Joe’s, we had our SLD class. We tried something new in SLD class; instead of talking about leadership as we usually do, we decided to have a ‘Value Auction.’ Everyone had $5,000 for the entire auction, and we had to bid to win the values that meant the most to us. It was an interesting way to show what matters to us as individuals. We finished the night with a Meyers Brigg personality test, and the results are highly anticipated onboard. Tomorrow we embark on an all-day Volcano hike, as well as our Oceanography Midterm. As always, it’s very busy, but we are more than happy to keep Ocean Star in tip-top shape!