Location: underway

Departing from Sharm El Sheik last night, we left with weather forecasts of gentle rolling seas and light winds. However, as we all know, meteorology isn’t the most accurate of sciences.As we rounded the southernmost point of the Sinai peninsula, the seas and wind started to build, and the crew started to feel a little queasy. By the afternoon, Argo was pounding through 15ft seas and bracing herself against steady 35-40kt winds as she beat upwind, dodging the tankers and oil rigs that litter the gulf. With the winds topping out at 47kts and spray and waves dousing the decks and crew, Argo has definitely been put through some harsh conditions today, but all the crew have been upbeat in these tough conditions- although they’re looking forward to the slight relief that the night and easing winds will hopefully bring.