Location: Colombier, St. Barths

Today began as all days in Franceland should- delicious crepes for breakfast filled with our choice of fresh fruits, spreads, and most importantly, Nutella. We then divided and conquered: the already certified divers blew bubbles on their first dive of the trip, putting their fish identification expertise to use. At the same time, the rest of the crew explored what Gustavia had to offer. After a lunch that included another French specialty, baguette sandwiches, we headed over to Colombier for round two of the open water dives. While the divers were exhibiting their newly acquired skills like clearing their masks and retrieving their regulators, the rest of the group headed ashore for some beach time and a short hike. The evening brought a gorgeous sunset off the stern of Argo and yet another incredible meal from Team Scrumptious: Captain Steve, Shelby, and Ben. This evening will add some more critters to the identification repertoire with a slide show of common invertebrates (corals, anemones, sea stars, etc.). Well, see this semester. After only a week together on Argo, the crew is settling into the rhythm of how things run aboard after an eventful day was looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer.