Location: Ile Fourche, St. Barths

Breakfast today was a delicious mixture of eggie-in-a-basket and cinnamon sugar toast fixed by Heather, Casey, and Chessie. After breakfast, Al and Captain Steve gave the first class in Basic Seamanship. Soon after, we motored our way to the small island Ile Fourche, where some of the students dove in to have a look at the reef while others hiked on the island. This was the majority of our day. As I write this log, post-dinner clean-up is commencing, soon to be followed by a class on leadership from Leah. Tomorrow is likely to begin with a pre-dawn hike up the island, to watch the sun rise over the ocean. On a side note, it is Nicks 20th birthday today, which we were very happy to celebrate. His resistance to being thrown into the water in honor of this very special day was, to say the least, an inspiration. Even with many of the crew hard against him he held firm, narrowly averting the unceremonious baptism prepared for him.