Location: Charlestown, Nevis

It was yet another early morning aboard Argo. At 6:30am we were hauling up anchor, and leaving Ile Fourche for a short motor over to St. Barths. During this passage we had a pre-breakfast man over board drill. This was one of the many safety drills we have had and will be performing during this trip. After Capt Steve cleared customs, we left St. Barths and headed off towards Nevis. This was a beautiful sail, it was such a nice day with perfect winds that we were able to get all 6 of Argos sails up. We split into watch teams to set the sails then we walked through the raising of the flying jib and fisherman as this was the first time the crew got an opportunity to see these sails. After that it was just a relaxing day of sailing. The winds were kind enough to wrap around St. Kitts allowing us to use our sails all the way up to the anchorage at Nevis. To top up this awesome day our evenings entertainment is the movie Captain Ron. What a great way to end a great day. You skipper Casey Jones Signing off Cool Peace Bye