Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Today we had one large free day. The group split up after two morning classes, so I am unsure at other people’s day and what they did so I’ll talk a little about my own. After class I helped out with a few things on board, fixing some leaks and what not. Around 12:00, three other shipmates and I ventured off the boat to a hotel that we booked for the day. It was quite the change of pace, having people serve us food and other luxuries that we don’t have on Argo. It was a weird feeling. However, it was a great day consisting of hot water showers, sailing, windsurfing, swimming in a pool, free internet, laughs, steak, and most importantly chocolate milkshakes. When the day was over, we all felt extremely relaxed and ready to had back home to Argo. *The pictures included in this entry are from the previous day’s tour of the island of Mauritius*