Location: Isle de Salut, French Guyana

Today was another recharging, self-reflection day. We had a lesson in navigation in the morning, another chance to explore the islands, and time to catch up on homework and sleep. We all went our own ways and did whatever we needed to do to prepare ourselves for the next passage. Many of us stayed aboard Argo for the first half of the day, avoiding the rainy weather.
Many of us, including myself, took a dinghy ride to the island after lunch and went on a run. It was an incredible feeling to move my legs again. To feel the Earth beneath my feet and feel the Earths energy cycling with my body, moving me forward. I felt like I could run forever. The smell of mossy trees, the sounds of buzzing insects and swinging monkeys, and the powerful fresh air from the distant crashing waves filled my entire being. Thoughtless and emotionless, I could feel divinity shining through me. I felt entirely clear upon my return to Argo.
Ben’s question last night about what brought us to Seamester had us contemplating our motivations for this journey. For me, it was a longing for freedom. I came to Seamester believing that sailing is the most freedom a human being could experience- being both subject to and dependent on the forces of nature but able to use that dependency to travel anywhere on the globe, without societal or familial expectation or influence. However, being aboard Argo has made me realize the freedom that I have been longing for is much more personal. It is inner freedom, self-love, and trusting my intuition that I am learning to embody- it is not an external situation that determines an internal state of freedom.
The ocean tends to evoke one’s deepest emotions, and my time with Seamester has been one of forgiveness, compassion towards myself, and growth towards my personal freedom. For my squeeze question, I asked everybody to describe an experience in which they have felt the freest. It was beautiful hearing stories of connection to nature, surrendering to pain, and personal accomplishment. We are all exploring our definition of freedom and what makes us feel closer to that state of being. For me, it is artistic and creative expression; for others, it is cooking or psychology. For us all, finding that freedom is a profound motivation in our lives and an important subject of contemplation. For all of you reading this blog post, please take a moment to think about what it is that makes you feel limitless, fearless, invincible, and free. Imagine that feeling expanding through your whole body and to the farthest reaches of the universe! Allow that feeling to cycle through you, and may you all have a beautiful day! CARPE DIEM!