Location: Rosseau, Dominica

Day 48 started off strong with a leadership class, leading into a marine biology class where Heather taught us all about coral reefs. And then, straight after lunch, we all got onto a dive boat and drove south to experience said coral reefs. On the first dive, we were lucky enough to see two scorpion fish, a big drum fish, some shrimp, and the beautiful reef itself with all its marine life. Our guide also brought a pole spear and speared two of the invasive red lionfish. The second dive was on a champagne reef, named after the air bubbles rising from the ground, indicating a hydrothermal vent. Once again, the guide brought the pole spear, but instead of shooting the fish himself, he showed me how to use it and let me spear my first lionfish. We dove on and saw some cleaning stations, lobsters, crabs, and some more scorpion fish. Back on Ocean Star, I took it upon myself to clean the four lionfish we kept and, with the addition of lemon juice and onion, created a ceviche for everyone to enjoy, along with Ben’s jerk tofu burritos.
Here’s to some more great diving experiences and lots of fresh lionfish.
Signing off