Location: Underway to St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean

Fresh fish. Have you ever had any? I mean really fresh fish as in swimming one minute, sitting in fish tacos less than 20 minutes later. That’s what happened today, thanks to Joe and assorted helpers. We caught 2 roughly 20-pound yellow tails while trolling underway. I have to say. The tacos were spectacular! I think the whole boat is hoping that Joe has started off a hot fishing streak for the Argo. Hopefully, we can keep catching fish every few days during our crossing, which will not only please our palates but also add some variety to our diet underway. We also had some great sailing today. For at least a few hours, we maintained speeds in excess of 8.5 knots while under sail power alone. Unfortunately, we are too far south still to experience the steady trade winds, but soon enough, I hope that we will be flying along under the calm and steady power of the wind. Our day concluded with a spectacular sunset to top off a wonderful day at sea.