Location: Low Bay, Barbuda

This morning started with an incredible sunrise over an unobstructed view of the ocean. As the sun rose further, the crew woke to the songs of Matchbox 20 stretched sore limbs from their rigorous rescue diving exercises the day before and getting an early start on passage prep tasks getting us ready for our day sail to Barbuda. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes, masterfully prepared by Taylor, the shipmates had an SLS (student leadership) lecture with Smudge discussing the different ways people deal with change (an appropriate subject for our ever-changing environment). We raised anchor after a couple of last-minute tasks and navigated the tricky channel along Green Island to open water where we raised our three boom sails and began our first downwind sail. Sheeting out the main and fore and working preventers for the first time, the crew turned towards Barbuda, learning how to handle our floating home on a completely new point of sail. As we drew closer to our destination, clouds started to build, and we saw large columns of rain blow-by. We quickly dropped the jib and threw on foul weather gear. OStar and her crew got a thorough freshwater rinse. In a lull between squalls, the students dropped the staysail and fore for the first time without the guidance of the staff and pulled into our anchorage for quick showers and a dinner of steaming curry and rice. Now dry and fed, the shipmates have gathered in the salon for an OCE (oceanography) lecture with Marina, followed by the last rescue diver lecture and knowledge review. After a great day getting here, everyone is excited to explore the beaches of Barbuda tomorrow.