Location: Green Island, Antigua

Ahoy again!
The morning started with the usual 7 am wake up in English Harbor with hearty bowls of cereal. The weather was warm with a cool tropical breeze to keep us cool. After breakfast, we gathered below deck in the salon for Marine Biology. The majority of the class was spent watching the corresponding Blue Planet video to our open water lecture, learning about the ways in which marine animals protect themselves from their predators and live in the open ocean. After class, everyone mustered on deck to get the vessel ready to motor to Green Island, Antigua. The crew worked together to get us out of the harbor. Once we had maneuvered out of the harbor, the sea greeted us with her choppy waves. The passage to Green Island was only two hours, so everyone stayed above deck to bask in the sun and help wherever needed. The island was hidden away behind mainland Antigua, surrounded by blue-green waters and white sand. The sight approaching the area was breathtaking.
The anchor dropped, and the crew gathered for another delicious meal of black bean soup made by Steph and Momma Wal (Wallace). After lunch clean up was finished, the rescue diver students jumped into the water for class. The divers practiced rescue exercise 7, responding to an unresponsive diver at the surface. Once class was done, everyone lathered themselves up with soap and jumped back into the ocean for their ocean showers. There was free/study time leading up to dinner, during which some people read their books, others studied for upcoming exams, and a few took naps from the long afternoon in the water. For dinner, we were delighted to eat “party potatoes” with the recipe from yours truly. For the squeeze question, we played the game, “two truths and a lie,” to test ourselves on how well we actually know each other. After dinner clean up, we gathered below deck again for PEN with Eric, watching “Master and Commander.” We were extremely excited to have popcorn made by Eric to watch the movie with. The night fell over the sky, and the crew crawled back into their bunks to rest their heads after another good day aboard Ocean Star.
Until next time,