Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The crew woke up to the soft sounds of acoustic melodies followed by big bowls of “boatmeal” and a light rain shower. After breakfast, we set out on a hike to the Pillars of Hercules to study the effects of saltwater on the rocks and tide pools. The hike was beautiful. We climbed up and over rocks around the coastline that overlooked the ocean as well as the bay. After the hike, the crew and staff spent some free time ashore. Some people went to the local boat museum while others went to the local coffee shop to get some homework done. I went and explored the harbor and enjoyed a flakey apple turnover from the rustic colonial bakery hidden behind the museum. For lunch, everyone mustered on board to enjoy quesadillas made by Peter and Eric. After clean up, we had a few more hours of free time before the Oceanography class. Tee and I came back with pints of locally made ice cream and wandered the dockyard admiring the other sailboats. Once class was over, the crew packed up and headed to the beach to have a BBQ. Some of the mates played soccer while others walked the shoreline. At sunset, we ate hot dogs and cheeseburgers made by Peter and Smudge. After everyone ate, we cleaned up and headed back to the boat for showers. It was a pretty laid back day overall, but definitely another good day on Ocean Star.
Until next time,