Location: Barbuda

Like most days aboard Ocean Star, today was a great day. We began the day as usual with 7:15 am wake-ups and some breakfast. Once we had finished eating and clean up was thorough, we had an MTE class where we learned all about tides and how they can affect a journey. MTE class wasn’t long because we had a tour set up at 9:30 am. The dinghies left Ocean Star a little before 9:30 am to meet up with our tour guide, George. When we reached the beautiful sandy beaches of Barbuda, we walked across to the other side, which held a dock with two boats waiting for us. The tour began shortly after, and we were taken to the Frigate Bird sanctuary here in Barbuda. The first stop on the tour was the old sanctuary, which now is very barren. It was a beautiful area for the Frigate birds to live in until the hurricane in 1995 wiped it away. Luckily, the Frigates didn’t migrate to another island. Instead, they flew a few hundred feet from where they were situated and a new sanctuary formed. It was amazing to see all of the birds at the sanctuary. George explained to us the difference between males and females as well as juveniles, ones that can fly and ones who have yet to learn. It was all extremely interesting. The tour dropped us off in town around 10:30 am, and we had time to just walk around and explore stuff. Barbuda, from what we saw today, isn’t nearly as built up as any of the other islands we have been to. It was still fun and interesting to get to see, but there wasn’t very much to do. It could also have been because things are closed on Saturday. When we had our fill of the town, it was time to head back to Ocean Star once again for lunch. Then we had free time and could go to the beach or just lounge on the boat. It was a very relaxing day. After our free time, we had another class, this time Oceanography, in which we debated the pros and cons of aquaculture. I’m not one for debates, but I think today was the most fun debate I’ve ever been a part of, and we all learned stuff at the same time. One thing I cannot leave out, though, is that today was Sydney’s birthday! We all took turns this morning screaming happy birthdays or singing to her while other people got even more intense and gave her birthday hugs (which she’s not such a big fan of). It was fun to be able to celebrate her birthday on the boat with everyone, though. After dinner, we had a cake and sang to her with all of our amazing singing voices. Tonight we’re going to set sail again, this time for St. Barths. The next few days sound like they are going to be amazing, and I know we’re all really excited for them!