Location: St. BartS

Last night had beautiful conditions for stargazing, which I took full advantage of while we were underway. I taught myself (and some interested people around me) some of the northern constellations (the sails were blocking the southern sky) by using a hand-drawn star chart that I made from looking at a book in the salon library. I began today by waking the crew up to the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. This seemed to put most everyone in a good mood and we commenced with breakfast. After breakfast, we began boat appreciation, getting the scum and rust of passage off the ship. We pulled up anchor and prepared to move in to dock. Much to our happy surprise, we discovered that we could dock with the side of our ship instead of stern-in like we originally expected. In MTE class soon after, we learned about currents, more specifically, tidal currents. After messing around with tables and charts, we got lunch ready. The chef s prepared brunch burritos, the third tortilla meal in two days (needless to say, that is a good thing). We had some shore time until our OCE midterm and a group of us decided to go on a quest for coffee and our ritual ice-cream. Being Sunday, and on a French island during afternoon nap time, we did not expect the search to be an easy one. However, after walking only a short distance, we found a restaurant and bar which had both our quarry available. I ordered a cappuccino, regular coffee, and two scoops of pistachio ice-cream, all of which exceeded my expectations. While I am not a huge coffee drinker at home, I do enjoy it from time to time, and if it always tasted like that coffee, I would drink it at least twice a day. We returned to the ship for our midterm, some of us prepared, some of us stressing a little. However, in my opinion, it went much better than I expected it would and would perhaps even go so far as to say I enjoyed the test of our knowledge. After the midterm, we had free time until dinner and I believe all of us chose to use the free shore showers, the true reason docking makes us happy. We had cheeseburgers for dinner (though the cheese was cut in a way that was rather unique, shall we say). Now, we are preparing to have an OCE class and then some well-deserved rest.