Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

Today was a nice relaxing day in Saint Barth’s. We had a hearty breakfast followed by some Biological Oceanography. After class, we had the whole day to explore the shops around the island. Most of us immediately set out for coffee. The coffee here is some of the best I’ve ever had. It may be because the only thing we have on board is instant coffee. One thing you need to know about ordering coffee in a French area is that when you say coffee, they bring a shot of espresso. It was definitely a good pick me up that gave us the drive to start exploring. We had lunch on shore, half of the group went to a Crepe place while the other half of us went to Le Select. The sign said “Cheese Burger in Paradise” and I, being an avid Jimmy Buffett fan, could not hold back from eating there. After eating our weight in Burgers, we headed back to the boat to get ready for our fun dive. This was one of the first dives the newly certified open water students have had where they didn’t need to work on any skills. We took both dinghies to a rock at the outside of the harbor. Half of the divers were doing research for their Oceanography Project while the rest of us got to enjoy the sea life. During the dive, my fellow Marine Biology enthusiast, Jessi, excitedly swam up and held out eight fingers. I had no clue what she was trying to say, so I followed her as she pointed to the underside of a rock. I looked underneath but saw nothing besides the shape and color of the rock. She kept pointing and suddenly I realized it was an octopus that had changed color to perfectly match the rock. I was amazed! I couldn’t have been more than two feet away from it and had no idea it was there until I noticed it breathing. After the dive, I was informed we would be switching tonight’s schedule of more Oceanography class with tomorrow nights plan of our night out, due to the possibility that a currently formed tropical depression would get worse the next day. The staff figured we could have our class the next night no matter where we were, but if we have to move tomorrow, we would miss having our much-needed night out. As you can assume, we were all very disappointed to be trading class with going out for the night. The only problem was the fact we were having dinner at the same place many of us had eaten lunch that day. Luckily, we didn’t have to pay for this meal and the only thing better than having a delicious burger for lunch is having another one for dinner. The night out was a lot of fun. We all pretty much stayed in one big group and had the pleasure of listening to Casey singing sea shanties at the restaurant later that night. Hopefully, this depression calms down and we can enjoy another day in lovely Saint Barth’s tomorrow.