Location: Gustavia Harbor, St. Barths

Tropical depression, Collin, had us in a twist early this morning as we tried to figure out if Kristin would finally be able to learn to surf or if we would have to dock at St. Martin. After an OCE class learning about Zooplankton, we received a note that Eric and Kevin went surfing so there was much rejoicing. The mini van to Tuily, a scenic beach overlooking a bay, had three shuttles of people. As we all tried to cram under one umbrella many people attempted to show off their mad surfing skills; however, the waves and the urchins were not in our favor. More people stepped on urchins then caught waves. The rest of the day consisted of French bread sandwiches and awesome gummy smurfs, which magically disappeared while I was in the water. Coming back to the boat, some of us went for crepes, others sorbet or ice cream, but we all jumped for joy when we learned that as of five o’clock Collin has been broken up. After a pesto pasta dinner, we prepped O-star for our passage tomorrow and we had a MTE class.