Location: Princess Margret Bay, Bequia, SVG

Oceanstar is a boat that I have seen many times here in Bequia. However, each and every time, the crew is always different when they come here. This crew, however, has to have been the best one yet. Flying overhead, they were eating this delicious breakfast of beans, potatoes, and spinach wrapped in a tortilla. I tried to swoop in to steal a bite, but there were too many people all staring at me as I flew around… weirdos. However, it got pretty lonely flying around up here when they all went down the companionway to take their Oceanography exam. When everyone finished their exam, I began to see people hopping into the mini boat, so I decided to follow them to the shore. As I tagged along on their journey, I watched as this group of people struggled to walk up this gigantic hill, and all I could do was think to myself ”I bet you they wish they had wings” because it was brutally hot out today and they looked like they were struggling A LOT. It turns out that the only reason they went through the sweat and tears of their what seemed like a year-long hike was to retrieve a cup of coffee. Boring!

I swooped off to find other members of the ocean star crew. I found a group of sunburnt girls with bags bigger than them of candy and olives, and sweaty cheese. A band of boys feasted on chicken wings and burgers on an ocean-view patio. These crew members really eat a lot! Oh my – out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the sun burnt girls gorging themselves on ice cream and then devouring cinnamon buns while frolicking in a cemetery. What strange creatures the Ocean Star breeds. I ruffled my feathers in disgust and flew away from their shenanigans.

Back on board, a lone crew member cooks herself ramen and studies alone while drinking 5 cups of hot chocolate on the bow sprit. She was then greeted by the rest of the crewmates, all with pulsing headaches from all the sugar they had consumed. To banish the headaches, they gave themselves to the sea, where they were stung by a thousand (estimated) invisible jellyfish. To save their pain, I swooped down to eat the jellyfish. Scrumdittillyumptious.

I digested peacefully on the boom, watching the crew eat their stir fry. Then they picked up their brooms and sponges to commence clean up. Delicious bits of corn and bean sprouts and bacteria simmered on the surface of the salty bucket. I couldn’t resist. I swooped in just as they turned their backs. And then I died.

The End 🙂

**(Sam here), note this is from the perspective of a fictional bird, and there were no deaths today