Location: Singapore

We’ve finally reached our final destination, though our journey isn’t quite over. The day started out with calm open seas and by 7 am we were approaching the busiest port in the world, and were surrounded by tankers. Looking back over Argo’s stern as we approached Singapore it looked like we were staring out onto a busy city totally comprised of ships. After clearing customs and immigration it was time to dock. Fenders tied on and lines ready to be thrown we battled a rather strong current to enter the marina. With Sam in the dinghy leading us in we entered the marina. Turning the boat around 180 degrees we proceeded to dock stern-to. With Dan’s smooth docking and piloting skills we were quickly throwing our lines on the dock and making them off. After a quite delicious lunch of mini pizzas we had an OCE quiz and then set about BA. It’s been commented that each time we do BA it goes by even more quickly that the last. Before dinner we had an opportunity to explore this very classy marina aand take showers ashore. After dinner it was time for our OCE final. Everyone is excited to be in Singapore and we can’t wait to go explore this city tomorrow!