Location: Saba

Today was a day we had been anticipating for a long time. We had heard legends of the Mt. Scenery hike on Saba, and how only one shipmate last session made it to the top. We left after breakfast and had a very wet landing, holding our backpacks over our heads while we waded to the shore from shoulder high water. The hike started with an intense staircase (the “Spirit Breaker”) leading up from the beach. We tried to count the stairs but stopped at 300. Ironically, at the top of these stairs was a town called Bottom. From there, we walked along a road to the other side of the island before we even reached the trailhead for the actual mountain. The real climb up the trail (the “Soul Crusher”) dwarfed the first climb, taking us up to the peak, inside a cloud. Every few minutes it would clear up enough to give us an incredible view of the island. About half of us made it all the way to the top. The rest spent the day hitchhiking around the island. They met some interesting characters, found where Saba locals like to party on Sundays, and explored tide pools. When we got back to the boat, we had showers, free time, and a delicious peanut chicken meal cooked by Melissa and Sarah. Tonight, we have a review session for our MTE final and navmaster test, and then we’ll all rest up so we can tackle Saba’s other extreme tomorrow on our two tank dive.