Location: Saba

Day 35 was an awesome day, just like every other day with Seamester, but this one was especially tubular because of the double tank dive our team was privileged to go on with Saba Deep. I met an old man by the name of Big Mike on this scuba excursion and he was definitely the man. He gave me a myriad amount of life advice and was constantly referring to the ocean as a woman. Ultimately, I respected his opinions, and tried to learn a thing or two from this man who had over 16,000 dives under his belt. After observing his buoyancy skills, I can easily announce that he was the best diver I have ever come in contact with. Also, he shared with me that keeping an up to date logbook is one of the most important things a diver can do. He even had his logbook autographed by John Grisham, Fidel Castro, and Bill Gates. So after my two scuba experiences for the day and many glances at nurse sharks, garden eels, and sea turtles, I headed back to the boat to scarf down some scrumdideleeumpsous chicken sandwiches. The rest of the afternoon was basically self explanatory, just chillaxing on deck and getting ready for dinner. To all the rest of the skippers, make sure you represent on my bravo delta alpha yankee. Peace.

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