Location: Peter Island, BVI

Leaving Saba last night just after dinner, we enjoyed a peaceful sail overnight, and returned to the British Virgin Islands just before breakfast today. After re-entering the country, we all enjoyed some down time on shore in Spanish Town. We used the time to fill up on the Facebooks, snacks and shopping before making our way over to GHP – Ocean Star’s home. Our trip over was punctuated with “welcome back” messages from the members of the ActionQuest fleet as they saw us pass by. Mystral and Elise cooked us up a delicious Mexi-night dinner, for which we had the pleasure of being joined by Jim Stoll, the founder of Seamester. (Aaron from ActionQuest also joined us, but mainly garners a mention because he is in the charthouse as I write this) We were treated to Jim’s card game after dinner, which entails the following: a stack of black and white postcards, all depicting different images are strewn across the table. Everyone is given a chance to select three – one that shows something that you like about yourself, something you are not so crazy about, and the third is meant to show what your idea of a friend is. It was fascinating to hear how people view themselves – a perspective we don’t often get of people, even when you live with them for 40 days. Some were funny, some were poignant, and all were meaningful. Tonight, shipmates are busily preparing themselves for the 3 big events scheduled for tomorrow – the Oceanography final, the Seamanship final, and Andrew’s birthday.