Location: Dominica

Today we went on a fruit tour around the island of Dominica. We had a great tour guide named Seacat, and he showed us the many fruits around the island, such as grapefruit, guava, bananas, pineapple, and many more. While going around the island eating many kinds of fruit, we went to a beach, the Emerald Pool, and Trafalgar Falls. We stopped at multiple fruit stands and a bakery. I also met some friends of Seacat’s who made us wonderful breadfruit with butter and even played a game of cricket until someone hit the ball a little bit too far to find. After, we visited a local bakery that made cassava bread, which is made without flour and still tasted great! After visiting the Emerald Pool, we went to Trafalgar Falls to relax in the hot springs after a long day searching for fruit and being in a car for most of the day and then headed on home!