Location: Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Hi, I’m Riley, and life gets a little crazy sometimes. To wake up, I decided it would be uber-cool to rock out to some tunes of my choice, not that anyone had a choice haha. French toast and some regular non-European toast coupled as for a nice breakfast, followed by Steves marine wisdom to start the day off right. I personally really enjoyed more chart time after Marine Bio in Seamanship as I believe there are two types of people in the world; those who like maps and those who like charts. I am the latter. Post mastering navigation lunch was Wunderbar, and the team passage prepped so swift and smooth, the enthusiasm for the Flying Jibs appearance today made skippering all too easy right off the bat. It was the moment that the boom of the mainsail got topped that I knew I was in for a spectacular afternoon on the seas. Little then, a lot of wind swept us off of our cracked, flakey feet, and the crew went from 19 individuals to one cohesive being. We tacked the way a wild gazelle would if gazelles tacked. Speaking of animals, the cat line was released by Lenox (meow!), and we anchored at Rodney Bay, hungry for more sailing fun. Instead, we ate a satisfying meal of chicken, rice, carrots, and pomegranates (otherwise known as pomos). To wrap things up, I questioned what we would take a million of if money wasn’t an option, which was pretty out of the box if I do say so myself. Many of the group said they’d preserve a million marine animals or take a million hard workers to clean (and Will meant, like, REALLY clean) the planet where Calum just said Bananas. Currently, the sweaty smelly result of hard work and determination lingers as the crew tries to shower in the dark, accidentally picking up a few friends on the way. “It’s a translucent worm-like-creature! Dang, that’s cool! Oh wow! And Shrimp! Dang, EVERYONE’S over here” from Adelaide was followed by Issa saying, “EW NO WHAT IF WATER GOT INTO MY MOUTH, AND THEN IT’S LIKE WORM WATER,” to which was affirmed by Xonel and Jukama repeating “worm water.” Mike was proud of his “bucket-fish” capture, and I’m pretty proud of him too. Twas the best of times and the pretty good of times here on ole’ Ocean Star.
Catch ya later,

1- Calum’s mad photography skillz
2- Calum and Riley
3- Riley and Adelaide use crest whitening strips, and they really work
4- Luke on bow watch
5- Lenox does a backbend
6- Jukuma!
7- Pirate aboard! Help! haha 😉
8- Piton ft sexy exy
9- Breakfast of champions
10- ZoWEEE
11- Bowrain
12- Jodie sitting pretty, Ash smiling wide, and Calum elsewhere