Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Today was a full day. We started the morning earlier than usual with a quick breakfast of milk and cereal at 7:00 am. Following a quick briefing, half the group went out scuba diving, and the other went into the Indian River. We switched after lunch. The morning dive group made two dives, one in Shark’s Mouth and the second in First Beach, which had some very cool swim-throughs. Most people had just recently gotten their Open Water Certification, so for most, this was the first relaxed dive without having to do any exercises or drills. The water was extremely clear, and the group saw eagles rays, lionfish, trumpet fish, sea snakes, eels, pufferfish, fireworms, and tube coral. During the Indian River tour, we gathered data for a science lab, had some cold cokes at a rest stop, and saw many of the sites along the river where they shot scenes for Pirates of the Caribbean. To close off this eventful day, we are heading out for a night on the town. It is Carnival in the Caribbean, so everyone is getting dressed up for the BBQ and our first official night off. It should be awesome.