Location: Green Island

This grand day duly started with a good breakfast and sail-prep. Ocean Star then filled up with diesel with some minor difficulties due to the distraught state of mind of Kris, who was still recovering from his loss and schooling in football the day prior. The crew then demonstrated immense prowess in raising the sails, eventually attaining the under three-minute mark for raising the mainsail and foresail. Skipper John laid down some seamless tacks, and the crew never let up on their navigational calculations. Meatball, aka. Rosario fell asleep and missed lunch. Devin then saved at least three baby turtles by retrieving a free-floating fishermen’s line. After catching some fish by the hand of Chief Mate, and leader of watch team Awesome, Jack, the crew then sailed into Green Island from the serendipity of Eric’s leadership. Before a dinner of Mexican food, the crew had to answer a question of who they would propose to within one day’s time. After dinner, MTE ensued, and the crew looked forward to a day of exploration tomorrow by getting an early night’s sleep.